About Us

Our Company's objective is to contribute to our client’s success by efficiently managing transactions and projects. To engage M&A Corporate Advisors, you get a partner to execute a project. We don’t delegate – we do the job.

We offer the client full confidentiality, seamless project management, effective follow-up and execution. This enables our clients to fully focus on their core business, while we handle the project, with minimal disturbance to the overall business and senior management.

Our  advisors have participated in a large number of transactions, both domestic and international. Experience and expertise has been gained from a range of countries, market sectors, industry as well as finance, advisory services and board directorships.

We offer a unique blend of experience, both as principals and as advisors, and focus with equal attention on large as well as on smaller projects.

The Need for Competent Advisors

Change, whether in ownership, strategic direction, integration of new business units or imposed by competition is a complex and challenging task.

Management frequently does not have the resources to dedicate fully for this, which usually takes months from beginning to end. Furthermore the company is often faced with challenges outside its core areas of competence.

M&A Corporate Advisors offer a long track record in handling these issues, and work hand-in-hand with the board and management in achieving the best solution within the constraints given.

In a corporate divestment situation the partners seek the optimal acquiror, both national and cross border, that is able to finance the acquisition.

We are members of
Alliance of International Corporate Advisors